Nandi Hills Cycling Tour

Discover what life in Bangalore is like, away from the city centre, with the leisurely cycle tour through the villages near Nandi Hills. We have adapted a classic Bangalore getaway into one that suits a variety of tastes.

You can choose to go to the top of Nandi Hills to take in the panoramic views or you could slow things down and discover how locals live at the foothills. From silk farms to a beautiful Hindu temple that dates back to the 9th century to remains from the British era, the Nandi Valley Tour has it all!

Nandi Hills Cycling Tour can even be converted into a walking tour that can be done on foot or a sightseeing tour that you can enjoy by car. Take your pick!

  • Places

    Nandi Village & Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

  • Interests

    Outdoor Adventure, Culture & Heritage, Nature & Landscapes

  • Distance

    120 km/75 mi drive

  • Activity level

    Cycling: Moderate 20 km (Challenging route option available)

  • Price

    Rs. 3,499 per person for groups of 2+

  • Inclusions

    Transport, geared cycle, guided cycling tour, mineral water & snacks

  • Duration


  • Solo Travelers

    Rs. 4,499 for a cycle tour made for you


Book in advance to reserve your spot

What to bring

Camera, water bottle and energy bars

Don’t forget

Comfortable shoes, cap, sunscreen and sunglasses