Rock Climbing for Beginners

Bangalore’s boulders, hills and mountains are a great playground for those who are looking for some real adventure!

We will take care of all the details such as how and where to climb and how to get there. All gear that would be required for you to try climbing would be provided. To top it all off, highly-skilled & experienced climbers will help you learn, improve your climbing skills during your day out with us.

We will be with you every step of the way so that you too can discover and begin to love rock climbing as much as we do.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for those with a fear of heights. 

  • Places

    Suitable outdoor climbing locations such as Ramanagara, Savandurga, etc., at your instructor’s discretion

  • Interests

    Outdoor Adventures, Nature & Landscapes

  • Distance

    120 km/75 mi drive, Hikes of 30-60 minutes to the base

  • Activity level


  • Price

    Rs. 3,999 per person for groups of 2+

  • Inclusions

    Opportunity to (Learn to) Climb with experienced climbers, climbing gear, transport, mineral water & snacks

  • Duration

    Full day

  • Solo Travelers

    Rs. 4,499 for a private session with an experienced climber


Book in advance to reserve your spot

What to bring

Camera, water bottle and energy bars

Don’t forget

Comfortable shoes, cap, sunscreen and sunglasses